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We have provided a lot of information on Smart Chinese Reader in the previous pages: But there are still cases in which you need help from our staff directly. Because Smart Chinese Reader is an innovative learning program, it incorporates many new features including part of speech tagging, machine translation, text to speech, example sentence search, etc. Some of them are strange to users.
If you encounter any difficulties using Smart Chinese Reader, feel free to contact its author Yifeng Yu (俞毅峰 in Chinese) via email Mr. Yu is native Chinese and well-educated. He likes to make friends with learners of Chinese Language; he can also answer your questions about Chinese vocabulary and grammar. Mr. Yu's Linkedin profile is
When you report a problem please try to explain it in as much detail as possible, especially the steps you have taked that caused the problem. So we can give you a answer quickly.

And we welcome your requests and suggestions to improve Smart Chinese Reader. We want you to help us make the next iteration of Smart Chinese Reader the best it can possibly be.

Frequently Asked Questions
Features - There are many programs that do the same thing. What distinguishes this program from all the other?
Dictionary - What is the dictionary that comes with this software?
Segmentation - Why is Smart Chinese Reader more accurate than other segmenters out there?
POS - What is the use of color part of speech notation?
MT - Machine translation is prone to having mistakes, then what is its value in Chinese learning?
Example - Does Smart Chinese Reader provide example sentences?
TTS - The speech sounds horrible. It reads word by word like a robot.
Browser - Why I did not see a popup dictionary in the webbrowser tab?
Browser - Can I change the home page to other page I prefer?
Browser - The fonts of some web pages are too small to read. Can I enlarge them?
Reading - Why popup dictionary doesn't appear in the Beginner tab and the Advanced tab?
Reading - Can I choose font and font size in reading?
Reading - Can I save the segmentted text to a file?
License - If I lost my license file, can you resend it to me?
License - I buy a new computer. Is my license valid on the new computer?
Version - Do you have a Mac version available?