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China has become the largest destination for South Korean cosmetics

South Korea exported $370.8 million worth of cosmetics in the first seven months of this year, an increase of 250.6 percent compared to the same period in 2014, according to the Korean International Trade Association.

This rapid surge has encouraged South Korean companies to establish production bases in China to ensure supply and shorten delivery times.

Fueling this booming sector in the country is the new generation of trendy customers. South Korean manufacturers have been quick to target consumers in the 20s to 30s age group, especially college students.

This is a segment of the population that is extremely passionate about South Korean pop culture. These beauty brands have quickly expanded their presence here on the back of the Korean Wave, a cultural phenomenon related to the popularity of the country's soap operas, movies and K-pop.

The marketing strategy of these brands relies on celebrity endorsement and product placements in popular TV dramas, especially since young Chinese women are increasingly using South Korean stars as beauty role models.

There was an enormous supply shortage of coral red color lipsticks in China when the South Korean series "My Love from the Star", starring Jun Ji-hyun, stirred up a craze for wearing coral red lipstick in the show.

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