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10 most popular Chinese dishes

What's your favorite Chinese cuisine? The answer may always be personal, but what if you ask millions?

A list of the 10 most popular Chinese dishes was issued by a research body under the China Hotel Association.

The study was based on data generated by China's major online ordering platforms and public surveys in 2015, according to Luo Huashan, deputy head of the research team.

Top of the list was fish with Sichuan pickles and the well-known kung pao chicken, or spicy diced chicken with peanuts.

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables, a very plain dish but a must have for Cantonese, also made the top three.

It is also noteworthy that five dishes in the top 10 have a clear origin in Sichuan or Hunan, both known for use of chilies.

The top 10 are all traditional dishes, indicating that Chinese are quite conservative in their tastes, Luo said.

Here is the complete list. Please note that translating Chinese menu is a delicate job, as many dishes were named after people or even legends rather than the ingredients. A Mandarin pronunciation is provided in the brackets behind each dish.

第一名 酸菜鱼
No 1. Fish with Sichuan pickles (suancai yu)

第二名 宫保鸡丁  
No 2. Spicy diced chicken with peanuts/Kung Pao Chicken (gongbao jiding)

第三名 炒青菜  
No 3. Stir-fried vegetables (chao qingcai)

第四名 鱼香肉丝
No 4. Shredded pork with garlic sauce (yuxiang rousi)

第五名 剁椒鱼头   
No 5. Steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers (duojiao yutou)

第六名 水煮鱼   
No 6. Fish filets in hot chili oil (shuizhu yu)

第七名 西红柿蛋汤  
No 7. Tomato and egg soup (fanqie danhua tang)

第八名 红烧肉  
No 8. Braised pork with brown sauce (hongshao rou)

第九名 烤鸭  
No 9. Roast duck (kaoya)

第十名 回锅肉  
No 10. Twice-cooked pork slices in hot sauce (huiguorou)

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